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CMA's Essential Standards of Ministry Governance (PDF)
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CMA's Essential Standards of Ministry Governance (Free)

Type: Book (20 pages)
Author: Gary Williams
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*** 9000+ copies already posted! ***

For many churches and Christian organisations, the desire in the boardroom for governance excellence is not always matched by the organisational capacity to get there. We instinctively want to be 'Best Practice' boards, but just defining that can be a challenge. Actually getting there can be a huge leap.

CMA urges an interim step: Essential Standards. In this succinct publication, CMA National Director Gary Williams proposes sixteen principles to guide our way forward in the boardroom, fleshed out into 111 standards that should be true of each church or ministry unless there is a very good reason.

Designed with the volunteer ministry board member in mind, CMA hopes that it may help to maximise ministry effectiveness, and build organisational character.

Note that a companion 'Online Self-Assessment Tool' is also available from CMA here.


If finance is stretched, you may order FREE copies of the book (you will need to pay for postage) by adding them to your shopping cart from this page, SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:

  1. You may order up to TWO copies for yourself at no charge.
  2. If you are requesting free copies for the staff / board of your church / organisation, you may order as many free copies as the number of people. But you must not order copies for other organisations outside your own. They will need to order their own copies from
  3. In other words, you can't just order a supply of free copies to give out at random - you may only order the number of copies for a particular organisation who would have trouble paying for them.
  4. If you wish to have a supply on hand to give away at random, please purchase as many copies as you wish from this page.

Other Versions of This Booklet Available

Paid Print version if you are willing / able to pay
Free PDF version if money is an obstacle
Paid PDF version if you are willing / able to pay
KINDLE version from AMAZON for iPad, e-readers etc.
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