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CMA Leaders Scholarship Criteria

The CMA Leaders Scholarship aims to help individuals develop as Christian leaders, but also aims to see multiplication and wider benefit for the Kingdom of God than just the benefit to the individual.

Therefore, scholarships will be awarded based on the criteria below. Applications which fail to meet the criteria will be filtered out of the process before being passed on to the Selection Panel.


Applications will be accepted from Christian men and women in Australia who …

1   Exhibit clear Christian character and conviction;
2   Have a heart oriented towards Christ and his service;
3   Have a clear sense of personal calling to ministry leadership;
4   Exhibit evidence of leadership aptitude, corroborated by others;
5   Have the discipline and mental / academic capacity to successfully undertake high-quality leadership training;
6   Are employed by a non-profit organisation listed on the ACNC register, and have the support of their current employer to undertake the proposed course or program;
7   Can raise at least 50% of the program fee either personally or from their employer;
8   Are strategically positioned to put in practice what they learn for the furtherance of the Gospel in Australia;
9   Are willing to share what they have learned with the wider Christian leadership community, via CMA events or publications;
10   Are over the age of 18;
11   Are an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Course or Program of Study:

Applications will be accepted for a course or program of study that …

1   Is offered by an institution with a reputation for high quality training / education;
2   Relates to the role of organisational leadership and management;
3   Is not an elementary-level course, but is pitched at middle-to-high level leaders;
4   Is oriented towards the practical;
5   Has clear relevance for the actual role in which the applicant is currently serving;
6   Is a stand-alone course, not just a component of a longer-duration course;
7   Is less than one year in duration;
8   Would, in the opinion of the Scholarship Selection Panel, benefit the applicant's employing organisation;
9   Is not a public conference.
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