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Have you considered that the fourth quarter of your life may be the culmination of everything for which God has been preparing you?

It could be that your most significant contribution as a follower of Jesus still lies ahead of you!

Q4 is shorthand for 'fourth quarter'.

The average life expectancy for Australian men is currently 81 and for women 85. So Q4 begins around the age of 60.


The retirement industry portrays the fourth quarter as a time to reap the rewards of a lifetime of work. While recreation and fun will hopefully be part of any retirement, the Bible indicates that for those of us who seek to follow Jesus there is more.

About 800 Australians retire every day, and around fifteen percent of these people are Christians.

CMA wants to do all we can to help this cohort of Christians to think strategically about the impact they can have around the nation in their fourth quarter for God's kingdom.


"I applaud what CMA is doing to encourage older Christians to be very much a part of the grand mission in their "fourth quarter". God has a special role for older Christians. In Titus 2:2–5, Paul indicates that the role of a senior Christian is as much to become something as to do something. We are all still learning in this walk. We all have a purpose to fulfill.

It is ever a new and wonderful thing to see how and where Jesus calls us at the age of 60, 70 or 80, as he called us at the age of 15, 20 or 30. Our lives and our mission - whatever age we are - cannot be limited any more than God's love can be contained. God doesn't have a retirement plan. "
Tim Costello, Chief Advocate, World Vision Australia

There is no limit to the call of God on our lives regardless of age. God delights to use the wealth of experience, wisdom and insight we develop along the way to benefit others and for the building of his Kingdom. I am encouraged by CMA’s Q4Connection initiative in seeking to inspire and equip those in their fourth quarter to discover their potential and opportunities to impact the lives of those around them.

Daniel Bullock, Director of Missions & Ministries, Baptist Union of Victoria

I heartily commend CMA for their development of Q4Connection. This is a significant initiative and one which I trust will encourage older Christians to see the opportunities to live for Christ in their latter years. All our ministry in this life is part of God’s preparation for the life to come.

Archbishop Glenn Davies,The Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

Discipleship is for all aspects of life and for all of life. In sporting events, the final quarter makes a significant contribution. It is and no less so for the follower of Christ. I am delighted that CMA is launching this new ministry, Q4Connection, to equip and enthuse Christians for ministry in the fourth quarter of their lives. May God deepen fourth quarter discipleship through Q4Connection.

The Most Reverend Dr Philip L. Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne and Primate of Australia.

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