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Engaging Q4 - A Seven Week Study Course
for those who are Re-Imagining Life
in their retirement years.

Having successfully piloted the course in mid-2020, and run further courses later in the year, Q4 now invites you again to join us on this important seven-week journey to help you set the stage for a focused and fulfilling retirement. Here is a short video featuring feedback from some of those who’ve already done the course.

This course, which is built around seven spiritual disciplines or practices, has been designed to be completed in a group environment, and works just fine in a Zoom online format.

Each group is led by a capable group leader and all members are encouraged to share deeply and personally with the group. The expectation is that all attendees make a commitment to attend all seven 90-minute sessions. The ideal group will not be larger than 10-12 people.

The next cohorts commence from 8th February 2021, and once you have registered we will contact you to determine the timing that suits you. The cost is $95, which includes the Engaging Q4 Handbook.

The Seven Spiritual Disciplines/Practices for the Fourth Quarter
1 Know who you are and fill that space with your true self.
2 Let things go: relinquish burdens and barnacles.
3 Forgive and reconcile.
4 Become acquainted with grief.
5 Invest Time: don't waste it.
6 Be still: know God.
7 Create a legacy.
Register today or phone 0468 605 617 for questions
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